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Medical Marijuana Innovation Through Biotechnology

Our mission is to elevate the cannabis industry to higher medical standards by streamlining the recommendation, cultivation and consumer cannabis selection process.

While others are looking to make marijuana stronger, PotBotics is looking to make it smarter. Our diverse technology offering blends robotics, artificial intelligence, DNA analysis and cannabis research to address the major pain points in the medical marijuana industry, benefiting patients, physicians, cultivators and dispensary owners. Together our three products create an enterprise technology platform for medical marijuana. Our “cannabinoid matrixes,” or specific ratios of the various chemicals in marijuana, form the underlying basis of our three main products – PotBot, BrainBot and NanoPot.

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Educating Patients Through Our
Virtual Budtender

PotBot is a unique medical marijuana recommendation engine that uses cutting edge neural-net algorithms to recommend cannabinoid levels and custom strains to medical marijuana patients. By combining scientific data and crowdsourced reviews, PotBot’s desktop and mobile app will guide patients toward the appropriate strain and consumption method for their specific ailments, eliminating the need for patients to experiment with different strains themselves. With PotBot’s interactive in-store kiosks, dispensaries benefit from an encrypted cloud infrastructure that helps elevate security, meet state regulations, and expedite orders.

Personalizing Medical
Marijuana Recommendation

Doctors who understand the medicinal value of cannabis are frustrated by the lack of research and scientific data on medical marijuana and its use cases for treating specific symptoms and conditions.  With BrainBot, PotBotics has developed a wireless EEG (electroencephalography) helmet that allows general practitioners to capture brain waves and analyze a patient’s neural response to cannabinoid stimulants so that the right strain and cannabinoid level can be recommended. By identifying and quantifying the effects different cannabinoids have on a patient, BrainBot reduces patients’ reliance on a “roll of the dice” medical marijuana recommendation.

Driving Seed Analytics To
Optimize Growth

NanoPot is an advanced DNA reader that scans cannabis seeds to optimize growers’ yields. By using gene-radar technology to rapidly and accurately detect genetic fingerprints from cannabis seeds, cannabis cultivators can both understand the seed’s molecular biology and more effectively breed plants that benefit specific ailments. With NanoPot, cultivators get a fully customized growth plan with optimal amounts of irrigation, sunlight, UV films and nano fertilizers to use when growing specific strains and hybrids, reducing their reliance on outdated techniques for maximizing cannabis growth yields.


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Cannibinoid Whitepaper

The Application of Cannabinoids and Cannabinoid Ratios for Specific Medical Treatments

The use of phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoid compounds is gaining momentum for various medical applications. Research aimed at elucidating the efficacy and mechanisms of action for various cannabinoids is increasingly demonstrating their potential as therapeutics for other difficult to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and epilepsy. In this whitepaper, we address the most promising cannabinoid compounds as well as their proven efficacy for medical conditions and symptom relief.

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