What makes potbotics unique

PotBotics is the leading data aggregation and technology company focused on the global medical cannabis market. With a robust artificial intelligence platform that aggregates and correlates HIPAA- compliant medical data, PotBotics helps doctors and patients personalize cannabis to better predict treatment outcomes. With a strong IP portfolio for the industry’s most innovative products and services, PotBotics is able to gather insightful data on cannabis from seed to consumption.

Technology & Products

  • PotBotics has become a market leader with the development of the PotBotics product suite: PotBot, PotBotMD and RYAH.
  • PotBot is the world’s first cannabinoid recommendation engine. Employing a unique algorithm that is backed by countless peer-reviewed studies, PotBot is able to recommend strains, educate patients on the use of cannabis as a medicine, and provide local business destinations for patient’s to find the product that would work best for their medical indication."
  • PotBotMD is the premier suite solutions for medical professionals in the cannabis industry. With integration into the PotBot platform, PotBotMD provides premier services that are unparalleled by other PRM providers. Physicians are able to book appointments, video chat with patients, provide scientific strain recommendations, and maintain patient data in a HIPAA-compliant manner, ensuring that patients get the highest level of care possible."
  • Ryah - The only medical-grade vaporizer that is able to capture the amount of vapor a patient inhales. By providing users with unprecedented temperature and dose control, RYAH creates a consistent and reliable vaporizing experience, every time."