What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease where cells divide and spread uncontrollably. It is capable of affecting any part of the body and is usually treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Common symptoms for patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment include: fatigue, nausea, pain, and hair loss.

How can marijuana help?

Patients report marijuana to be one of the most effective cancer medications available today. Studies have proven cannabis to be an effective anti-emetic, pain reliever, and sleep aid. These unique properties are enough for cancer patients to justify the use of medical marijuana. However, further research suggests that marijuana is able to slow the progression of cancer, with the potential of eliminating cancer cells entirely. THC and CBD are the primary phytocannabinoids proven to be responsible for the inhibition and death of cancerous tumor growth. Scientists began realizing the importance of cannabinoids in regards to cancer treatment after discovering various tumors containing an abundance of cannabinoid receptors, suggesting that the body is capable of creating additional pathways to aid cannabinoid-based relief. These landmark studies were enough to fast track the development of two major cannabinoid-based medications, Sativex and Marinol, and their positive results so far justify the use of cannabinoid based therapy in regards to cancer treatment.