Onset of Effects: Instantly
Peak Effects: 15 minutes
Duration of effects: 2-4 hours

Patients who want fast-acting, highly potent effects will find dabbing to be an effective consumption method for their needs. Despite these benefits, PotBot will never recommend dabbing as a medicinal consumption method, due to a number of health concerns related to the process.

Dabs are powerful cannabis concentrates that are extracted using solvents like butane, propane, isopropyl alcohol, hexane, CO2, and water. Unlike plant material, dabs need to be heated at much higher temperatures than standard lighters are capable of producing. The potent smoke is famous for instantly eliminating pain, but the drawbacks, including the carcinogenic smoke and the fact that the oil could be purged improperly, prevent this from being a viable medical consumption method.


  • Most potent consumption method.

  • Rapid Relief

  • Cost-efficient


  • Smoke is carcinogenic

  • Less efficient at extracting full cannabinoid profile compared to vaporizing

  • Odor

  • Psychotropic effects may not be practical for some patients.

  • More likely to cause insomnia than ingested cannabis

  • Patients who need sustained relief will need to re-medicate throughout the day.

  • Blowtorch is dangerous to use

  • Chance of solvent not being purged properly

  • Key terpenes can be lost during the extraction process

Onset of Effects


Peak Effects

15 minutes

Duration of Effects

2 - 4 hours