Onset of Effects: Instantly - 15 minutes

Peak Effects: 15 minutes

Duration of Effects: 2 - 3 hours

Smoking cannabis is a viable consumption method for patients who need rapid relief. However, there are a number of cons associated with smoking cannabis that prevent PotBot from ever recommending it as an optimal consumption method.

Smoking is a wildly inefficient consumption method compared to vaporizing. When patients smoke cannabis, the plant gets burned at a temperature of roughly 2,000 degrees, which is not only painful on the lungs and throat, but it is also carcinogenic. Because of the extreme temperatures, some cannabinoids can be lost during the combustion process as well. Vaporizing, on the other hand, heats the plant to roughly 338 degrees fahrenheit, which produces a non-carcinogenic vapor considered by many patients to be soothing and pleasant. The low temperatures maximize efficiency and potency by extracting the plant�s entire cannabinoid profile.


  • Rapid Relief

  • Active effects compared to edibles

  • Reliable results compared to oral mucosal and ingestion consumption methods


  • Smoke is carcinogenic

  • Less efficient at extracting full cannabinoid profile compared to vaporizing

  • Odor

  • Hard to tell quality of pre-rolled joints

  • Psychotropic effects may not be practical for some patients.

  • More likely to cause insomnia than ingested cannabis

  • Patients who need sustained relief will need to re-medicate throughout the day.

Onset of Effects

Instantly - 15 minutes

Peak Effects

15 minutes

Duration of Effects

2 - 3 hours