District of Columbia (DC)

Although DC’s recreational marijuana program has faced an uphill legal battle to be fully implemented, the city also passed a medical marijuana program into law in 2010. Patients in DC can possess up to two ounces of usable marijuana at any given time but are forbidden to cultivate marijuana at home. State-licensed medical dispensaries are fully operational in DC and are allowed to operate on both a for-profit and non-profit basis. There are an estimated 3,948 patients registered for DC’s medical marijuana program, which is only available to DC residents. Patients in DC can apply for a medical marijuana card online or by mail through the DC Department of Health. In order to apply patients must prove their residency, as well as supply proof of a medical marijuana evaluation by a licensed DC physician. Caregivers may apply on behalf of patients under the age of 18. The application is free, but a replacement card is $90. Patients who enroll in DC’s medical marijuana program must choose a single dispensary to register with. DC offers medical marijuana cards to patients suffering any debilitating condition with the recommendation of a DC-licensed doctor. For further information, DC patients should contact the DC Department of Health by telephone or email.