Camphene is a terpenoid that has powerful pain relieving and antioxidative properties. Despite these tangible benefits, medical cannabis patients who vaporize or smoke their medication should be aware that this terpene is highly combustible and releases carcinogenic smoke when heated to high enough temperatures. In the mid 1900's, camphene was commonly used as a fuel for lamps before it was deemed too explosive to be safe. Scientists readily admit that this volatile terpene produces an acrid smoke that can irritate the lungs and throat, but are still not ready to concede its medicinal importance for medical cannabis patients. Newer research proves that when kept at stable temperatures, camphene can actually be used to treat inflammatory lung diseases. A study completed in 2009 found that camphene increased cell viability, improved mitochondrial membrane potential, and significantly decreased lipid peroxidation, opening the possibility of camphene being used to treat inflammation when oxidative stress is the control point. Another study completed in 2012 found similar results, stating that at doses of 200 mg/kg, mice were able manage free radicals throughout the body more effectively than the control counterparts, further validating its antioxidant capabilities. The study goes a step beyond its 2009 predecessor by also concluding that camphene produced a noticeable decrease in nociceptive pain. This finding led researchers to advocate the development of new therapeutic strategies involving camphene to treat pain and inflammation. Although this terpene may be harmful to those who vaporize or smoke cannabis, due to the fact that this terpene combusts at low temperatures, patients who prefer to medicate with tincture or topicals can benefit from the antioxidant and pain-relieving properties that camphene provides, without the toxicity it's usually associated with.


Fir needles


Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever


Essential oils extracted from trees (turpentine, cypress oil, camphor oil, citronella)


Inflammation, pain