Geraniol is a rose-scented terpene found in cannabis that has the ability to help reduce inflammation. Although some might not consider geraniol a "primary" terpene of cannabis, research shows that it holds promise for medical marijuana patients. In 2009, scientists studied the combined effects of geraniol and camphene to discover that both of these terpenes were useful in the treatment of inflammatory lung diseases. Then, in 2011, researchers found that geraniol was effective at relieving bacterial-induced inflammation in animal models, proposing that it could be used as a novel therapeutic approach for the treatment of inflammatory side effects. As recently as 2015, two more studies were published on the effects of oral administration of geraniol in animal models. The studies concluded that geraniol was able to enhance free radical scavenging and improve the body's anti-inflammatory response, noting that it has the therapeutic potential to treat inflammatory bowel diseases and diet-induced fibrosis.