Humulene is an important terpene for cannabis patients because of its distinctive effects. Not only is humulene an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it also acts as an appetite suppressant. Several studies have been completed on humulene signifying its anti-inflammatory properties. In 2007, both humulene and caryophyllene displayed comparable anti-inflammatory responses to steroid alternatives. A year later, Brazilian scientists found that, when used �topically, humulene was simultaneously effective �in ��reducing inflammation and offering pain relief. Then in 2009, the oral effects of humulene were analyzed and the results suggested that again, this terpene was highly effective at reducing inflammation, proving its usefulness as a topical or oral supplement.� Although it is disappointing that no official studies have been completed on its anorectic properties, it's widely acknowledged throughout the medical cannabis community, especially in testing labs, that humulene works in a similar fashion to the cannabinoid THCV by suppressing appetite. Hopefully in the near future, scientists will work to quantify the anorectic effects of humulene on patients.