Out of all of the terpenes present in cannabis, the most well-known is probably menthol. This terpene is famous for the cooling sensation it provides, which is useful for relieving throat and skin irritation, as well as pain. Tobacco companies typically add menthol to their cigarettes because it has been proven to suppress respiratory irritation and reduce coughing. Some object to the inclusion of menthol in cigarettes because it enables individuals to smoke more than they typically would be able to without it. With cannabis, however, menthol is naturally present and it can be a useful anti-irritant for patients who prefer to inhale their medication on a regular basis. For cannabis patients who prefer to use topicals, menthol has also shown itself to have anti-nociceptive properties. Studies show that menthol was able to increase the pain threshold of rats when applied topically and that it could be considered a natural analgesic component.