Pinene is a bicyclic monoterpene chemical compound that encompasses both alpha-pinene and beta-pinene. Due to misinformation, many believe that cannabis contains only alpha-pinene, but this is simply not true. �Both alpha-pinene and beta-pinene are present in cannabis, and oftentimes, contain very similar amounts of each. Pinene is the most common terpenoid found in nature, and it can be used to help medical cannabis patients breathe easier, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, and even improve memory. Asthma patients who desire to medicate with cannabis would be well-suited to vaporize a strain that contains high amounts of pinene. Pinene is considered a bronchodilator, meaning that it helps improve airflow to the lungs. As is the case with numerous other terpenes, pinene can also be used to reduce inflammation. Recent research shows that at non-cytotoxic levels, pinene modulates the body's inflammatory response, making it a useful medication for patients who suffer from osteoarthritis. For patients who suffer from a bacterial infection, pinene has been proven to have antimicrobial and antibacterial capabilities. Studies completed in 2011 and 2012 demonstrated that pinene can be used to treat various bacterial infections including infectious bronchitis viruses.� What most people do not expect is that this terpenoid can help improve cognitive ability. By inhibiting acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain, pinene works to improve memory retention.