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Designed to help you find the right cannabis for your needs. Log your relief, track your progress, & get useful insights on your medication regimen


Recommends ideal cannabinoid profiles suited to treating specific ailments

Highlights nearby locations stocking your recommended type of cannabis

Aggregates & correlates the largest peer-reviewed science to create recommendations

Find a nearby doctor to get your medical marijuana card


  • Select the symptoms/condition you are seeking relief for
  • Based on your basic information & cannabis tolerance, PotBot recommends ideal cannabinoid levels
  • PotBot will then highlight comercially-available strains that typically display this cannabinoid profile
  • If you are in a medical cannabis state, Potbot can highlight local dispensaries stocking your recommended products

Cannabinoid Based Recommendations

Unlike other educational platforms that recommend strain names without understanding who the patient is, PotBot recommends the ideal cannabinoid percentage a strain should have according to a patient's tolerance towards cannabis and medical condition.

Ailment, Condition, Symptom?

Our platform currently offers recommendations for 37 different ailments

If you don’t identify or qualify as a medical patient, you can still get medically relevant recommendations with our desired relief tab.


Fully Secure

Everything you do is kept 100% anonymous and is HIPAA-compliant



The only service that makes a personalized scientific recommendation


For Dispensaries

Dispensaries can implement in-app customized solution with their own branding


The app generates customized marijuana recommendations. Users fill out their age, gender, cannabis experience and medical needs. It's a much-needed service, as there’s yet to be a consistent way of verifying the knowledge of budtenders, and there continues to be hundreds of unregulated dispensaries operating in Los Angeles.

“Titans of the tech Industry want to complete marijuana’s transformation from drug to medicine.” – Newsweek “PotBotics is incorporating novel technologies into the Cannabis Industry” – New York Times

Potbot uses AI to "read" through peer-reviewed medical journals to find studies on cannabinoids, the active compounds in marijuana. Using the research, it pairs 37 symptoms like insomnia, asthma and cancer with branded marijuana strains to find which type of weed is best suited to treat each one.