Make Smarter Cannabis Recommendations by Using PotBot in Your Store

Take the guesswork out of recommending products by using PotBot to find the strains in your inventory that are best suited for treating a patient's condition. PotBot allows your patients to provide feedback on whether strains were effective in relieving their symptoms, allowing you to gain insights that help you stock an ideal strain inventory

Attract new patients by being featured on PotBot's directory

Expand your market of medical patients and drive traffic to your business by featuring your dispensary in the PotBot directory. With various packages for the directory listing, PotBot will allow you to feature your business on a platform specifically serving a medial community for a cost that won't break the bank

Educate And Manage your Patients

Educate patients and staff on the medical attributes of cannabis, enhancing the customer experience by providing peer-reviewed studies & cannabinoid profiles detailing the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine. The ability to build medical credibility with PotBot will strengthen your relationships with your patients, allowing you to understand your patients' demographics, purchasing habits, and consumption trends


If you are interested in learning more about dispensary opportunities with PotBotics, please complete the inquiry form below and a member of our Dispensary Relations team will follow up with you shortly